Welcome to Madhuban: Documentary (Hindi)

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Welcome to Madhuban- Hindi Documentary

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Video Description

परमपिता परमात्मा (शिव बाबा) का अपना घर (मधुबन) का यह एक अनोखा अनुभव है जो पहली बार आने वाली आत्माए अनुभव करती है। (Welcome to God's home (Madhuban, Mount Abu) is a 15 minute documentary film which guides to the first experience when visiting madhuban (Brahma Kumaris' head centre, Mount Abu).

The film is narrated along by a foreign visitor (from London, UK) who visits BrahmaKumaris, Mount Abu for the first time with a curiosity of knowing God and the divine BK family, and the place where God has spoken Murlis and performed great karma.