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Message (quote) for today in Hindi and English. Date: 26-10-2020

26 oct 2020 thought Hindi
26 oct 2020 thought English

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(new) "जो मेहनत से मिले वो अपना होता है।  जो भाग्य से मिले, वो विरासत होती है। जो मांगने से मिले वो भीख होती है।  जो छीनने से हासिल किया जाए वो पाप होता है।  लेकिन जो त्याग करने से मिले वो पुण्य का फल होता है, सच्ची प्राप्ति वही है।"

(old) "When God solves your problem, you deepen faith in him. When God do not solve your problem, that means he has faith in you. God is our spiritual father. He has given us powers so that we can face any challenges. Everything in this world is temporary.  Challenges will come and go. They come to make you better and more powerful. At the end, we realise that whatever happens is always for a good reason.''

"जब ईश्वर हमारी समस्या हल कर देते है, तो हमारी उनसे श्रद्धा जुड़ जाती है। लेकिन जब वो हमारी समस्य को हल नहीं करते, तो उनकी श्रद्धा हम पर है की हम स्वयं उस समस्या को सुलझाएंगे। परमात्मा ही हमे शक्ति देते है की हम किसी भी समस्या को पार कर पाए।  अंत में हम भी समज जाते है की जो भी हुआ, अच्छे के लिए ही हुआ।"

(old) Baba says: ''See everything as light. You are light, me your father is light and every-thing is made of light of peace, purity and love. This is the light of god's love. Imagine the soul residing in the body made of light.''

"In this time, being Godly children, it is our prime responsibility to spread the vibrations of peace, purity, love and healing powers. Practice giving sakash to world souls with a guided commentary given on this page."

(Those who are isolating in their homes needs God's vibrations to overcome their fear. Who will provide them? Surely we angels will, who can connect to the supreme soul and to the human souls, our divine brothers)

Watch this video of BK Shivani to learn the importance of the present time and How should we contribute in bringing peace to the world and heal those who are in pain.

A PDF collection of thoughts for today is given below. Positive thinking, inspiring and re-energising thoughts of the day.

Topic wise collection in PDF to view (read), download and print. Here is one of the way you can welcome the Self transformation slowly and sweety by walking the way God himself shows us. These thoughts are seeds for daily thinking and teaches us the way 'How to Think' and 'How to live'.

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*Thought for Today*

'Will Power is the greatest asset of a human soul. Use your will power to benefit the self and the world. Practice.'

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