The Shiv Baba Service initiative

The only and official page to know the history and geography of advance godly services.

This is the only place to get know about the 'Shiv Baba Service' initiative started in early 2016 for incognito and advance world services for the final revelation of the most beloved father (Shiv baba, the supreme soul). Also known as the incognito Advance party (Pandav/Shakti Sena).

* What is this initiative for?

The initiative is for spiritual services done which are directly inspired by Shiv Baba. Thus we call it 'Shiv Baba Service'. Under this, we are making a base to create the godly kingdom for the coming new world (satyug). Under this initiative, we are to do large services through internet via many means. Currently we have 4 Websites, 1 SoundCloud audio channel, 4 mobile apps and 1 YouTube channel. Finance for all services is governed by our savings and volunteer contributions.

Plant of World transformation

✻ When and How was it started?

This godly initiative was started in early 2016 with a YouTube channel to reveal God's knowledge to every soul in many ways. Daily murlis, avyakt murli clips, audio explanations, visuals, Rajyog meditation commentaries, regular classes, etc. were posted daily.

Then in June 2017, an idea emerged to start a website, where we can keep YouTube videos plus provide resources for both new and old baba's children. After 4 months of starting this website, the YouTube channel was closed. This provided me with extra time to work on the website and improve it. ''Lets make a one-stop website for everything'', a thought came. This was the true time of initiative. I devoted the entire time on this website. With this pure intention and hard work of 18 months, the website was almost ready to be said as One website for Everything. In Jan 2019, this website was reviewed by BK Karuna (mount abu) and they liked very much. However, much work was left to be done. We needed helping hands and baba sent them in no time.


It was in late 2017. We received emails from this website visitors to contribute in baba's service. We offered them to join our team since they were also in Gyan. This way, gradually, our team started growing. Some of them helped in English to Hindi translation and some in making PDFs and reviewing the content.

✿ Present Stage

Along with this website, we also started Sound Cloud channel where you will find the largest audio collection of content related to Brahma Kumaris. For example Daily Murlis, old original murlis (Sakar and avyakt), Shiv baba Songs, BK Classes, RajYog music, commentaries, Awakening episodes, Shrimat geeta chapters, and also Relaxing nature sounds. Visit: 21 PLAYLISTS.

With these services, also started was the Contact service. Giving response to questions via email. This is the highest valued service - responding to Baba's letters. This is still ongoing. Visit Forum to see general Q and A we posted.

Team of Shiv Baba Service initiative

On godly permission, this team has done a great and yet incognito service. Shiv baba is the creator (incorporeal creator) of this group. Such special souls will become an instrument for higher services in future. Note that all members of our service team are living with loukik family. These souls are an example of Baba's shrimat - ''Live in loukik (household) and do the Purusharth of Yaad and service.''

Below is in brief biography or info of some of the members of our team.

BK Sudipta

Info ➜ Brahma Kumari Sudipta (India) is in gyan since 2011. She joined this team in late 2018. Sudipta ji started managing the website where we post articles and question-answers, plus general info and resources. Sometimes she also helps with email service. Specialities are: 1. Very responsible and experienced 2. Nimmit, egoless, obedient 3. Sweet royal and loyal to baba's shrimat Gyan related likes: 1. Practical dharna of gyan and sewa 2. Bringing virtues in practical life Responsibilities: 1. To manage the main Articles blog: 2. Regularly post useful Question Answers on the blog .

BK Pari

Info -> Brahma Kumar Pari lives in Malaysia and is in the Gyaan since 1996. She joined this team in late 2018. Pari had a special part since the beginning. She use to get visions even before she came in contact with Brahma Kumaris. Upon such visions, she has been writing books since 1997, on connection of science with spirituality. Specialities are: 1. Yogyukt, Soul conscious 2. Hard working and responsible 3. Nimmit, egoless, simple and royal. 4. Thougtful and quiet. Gyan related likes: 1. Churning gyan murli 2. Relating Shiv baba's Gyan with science 3. Doing related services Services: 1. Writing literature and inspiring books & eBooks. 2. Nearby centre and related services 3. Sustaining this website - 4. Writing occasional articles for our blog.

BK Abhishek

Info ➜ BrahmaKumar Abhishek is from Uttar Pradesh (India). He is in gyaan since 2016 and since then he is deeply in the field of online murli services. Firstly he began by posting audio and text of daily murli on the website and now it has grown to an app which thousands of BK students uses daily. Abhishek is doing both loukik and aloukik job. Specialities are: 1. Serviceable, trustworthy and responsible 2. Nimmit, egoless, obedient 3. Sweet and helpful 4. Simple and royal Gyan related likes: 1. Doing murli related services 2. Listening Shiv Baba songs 3. Spreading the godly message in many ways 4. Connecting Brahman (BK) souls with each other Responsibilities: 1. Posting text and audio murli everyday on 2. Managing 10 WhatsApp groups 3. Occasional services 4. Fund manager (holds money came in contribution for Baba's online services)

Anand Samrat (manager)

Info -> Most information is gupt (incognito) and this one is the corporeal manager/director of the 'Shiv baba service team' for services via many platforms. However, it is known that he came in Gyan around the end of 2015 and lives in England, UK. Specialities are: 1. Yogyukt (includes everything) 2. God's righteous hand 3. Deep Knowledge and wisdom 4. Balance of loukik and aloukik. 5. Always loving, supportive and inspiring. Gyan related likes: 1. Churning the Gyaan 2. To Study and inpire (teach) 3. Ekaant (solitude) 4. KarmaYog 5. Godly Service Responsibilities: 1. Responding to email (questions) on behalf of Shiv baba (see on Forum) 2. Audio services on SoundCloud channel 3. To sustain the main website ( daily. 4. Three apps are made and one is regularly sustained 5. Managing the entire initiative, and guiding other members of the team.

BK Mamta

Info ➜ Brahma Kumari Mamta is in Gyaan since a long time. She joined this team in September 2019. Mamta ji also does centre related services and also devote time to online services. BK Mamta is a practical example of Baba's saying - ''Mothers will open the gate to heaven/Golden age'' Specialities are: 1. Very responsible and experienced 2. Nimmit, egoless, obedient 3. Sweet royal and loyal to baba's shrimat 4. Quick learner and Yogyukt. Gyan related likes: 1. Churning the murli 2. Giving answers to gyan related questions 3. Reading murli and explaining the essence. Responsibilities: 1. Answers to questions on our 'Samadhan' whatsapp group. 2. Reading old Avyakt Murlis (visit Murli revision) 3. Centre related services 4. Sound Cloud channel - Murli uploading.

BK Rima

Info ➜ Kumari Rima (West Bengal, India) lives with loukik family. She is in Gyaan since 2016 and her loukik family also follow the path of Gyan on Baba's shrimat and hence she is almost obstacle free for service. BK Rima joined SBS initiative and team in April 2020. With knowledge of IT (computing), she is helping in managing our ' Video Gallery' website, responding to emails, and helping in general occasional services. Gyan Related likes: 1. Read and listen daily Murli 2. Make purusharth points from today's murli. 3. Read magazines - Gyanamrit, Purity, world renewal. 4. Increase Yog chart. Specialities are: 1. Nischay buddhi (faithful intellect) 2. Yogyukt 3. Understanding and good student. 4. Bandhanmukt (free from bondanges) Responsibilities are: 1. Managing Video Gallery site. 2. Responding to emails. 3. Video editing. 4. Managing YouTube channel. Final Note ➜ Being capable to take responsibilities, we provide her occasional services also.

BK Geeta

Info ➜ Kumari Geeta ji lives with loukik family as well. She is a doctor by profession and does a similar work in Gyan also (being a 'Ruhani doctor'). BK Geeta joined SBS initiative and team in early April 2020 via our apply to join form. She is one of the most regular members of our team who is always ready for service. Specialities: 1. Ever willing to contribute in Baba's service. 2. Blessed with a good mind and voice. 3. Yogyukt while doing services. 4. Obedient godly student. 5. Always a good listener. Gyan related likes: 1. Churning Gyan 2. Practice of 'love and light' and baba guides in special purusharth. 3. Making question answers from murli. Responsibilities are: 1. To record daily revision of 'Aaj Ka Purusharth' 2. Recorded 7 days course (in audio) in both Hindi and English. 3. Giving answers in 'voice recordings' 4. Occasional services.

BK Chandrima

Kumari Chandrima is in Gyan since 2016 with her loukik family also in Gyan. They host Geeta Pathshala at their residence. Being "bandhan-mukt" she manages our official Murli Blog at where she daily posts murli and handles related services. ✦Gyan Related likes & virtues: - reading Murli at pathshala - practice Silence - quick learner - always ready for Godly service - Yogyukt and serviceable. ✤Services: - Daily Murli blog - handles SoundCloud channel and posts "audio murli" - admin at " Samadhan" official Q and A group. - occassional services.