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  • Centres in St Michael, Barbados | Brahma Kumaris

    Centre Locator BK Centre in St Michael, Barbados Find Raja Yoga centres of Brahma Kumaris Spiritual University in your , using our service. Get address and contact information. country centre locator Addresses & Contact Details St.Michael "National Coordinating Office" Raja Yoga Centre Number 2 Erdiston Drive Pine Gardens St.Michael Contact ☎ (246) 429 8758 ✉ Opening Hours 6 or 7 am to 8 pm (Monday to Saturday) Welcome Letter (English)

  • Centres in Rwanda (Kigali) | Brahma Kumaris

    Centre Locator Brahma Kumaris centre in Rwanda Find Raja Yoga centres of Brahma Kumaris Spiritual University in your , using our service. Get address and contact information. country centre locator Addresses & Contact Details Kigali Brahma Kumaris Organisation - Meditation Centre Rue du Lac Ihema (Road) Ndamage House, 2nd Floor, Kigali , Rwanda, (Africa) Contact Info: ☎ (+250) 78 551 03379 ☎ (+250) 78 854 3693 ✉ Website: Directions: ➤See on Google maps Welcome Letter (English)

  • Centres in Jamaica | Brahma Kumaris

    Centre Locator BK Centres in Jamaica Find Raja Yoga centres of Brahma Kumaris Spiritual University in your , using our service. Get address and contact information. country centre locator Addresses & Contact Details Kingston Address: 62 Paddington Terrace Kingston, 6 Jamaica Contact Info: (+1) 876-620-5120 Dircetions: See on Google maps Montego Bay Raja Yoga Centre 16 Leaders Avenue, PO Box 280 Montego Bay, Jamaica Contact Info: (+1) 876 979 5261 (+1) 876 952 1743 Directions: See on Google maps Welcome Letter (English)

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  • Thought for Today Calendars: April 2021

    Official Monthly Post: Get Brahma Kumaris Thought for Today calendars for all individual days from 1 April 2021 to 30 April 2021 ➤View Hindi and English Calendar (jpg image) or download single PDF file (entire month). ➥Please SHARE (whatsapp⇗) this post to BK brothers and sisters in your connection. Visit useful links for more resources and get daily sustenance on this website. Choose Calendar language: Hindi English ✦ Hindi Calendars ✦ एप्रिल २०२१ के हिन्दी कैलेंडर को पढ़ने के २ तरीके : 1. सभी 30 दिन का एक PDF ➤ April 2021 single PDF (to download or print) 2. Individual दिन- १ से ३१ एप्रिल ➤ 1.04.21 2.04.21 3.04.21 4.04.21 5.04.21 6.04.21 7.04.21 8.04.21 9.04.21 10.04.21 11.04.21 12.04.21 13.04.21 14.04.21 15.04.21 16.04.21 17.04.21 18.04.21 19.04.21 20.04.21 21.04.21 22.04.21 23.04.21 24.04.21 25.04.21 26.04.21 27.04.21 28.04.21 29.04.21 30.04.21 ✤ English Calendars ✤ There are 2 ways to access Thought for today English calendars for April 2021: 1. Month (30 days) in One PDF➤ April 2021 single PDF (to download or print) 2. Individual days from 1 to 30 April ➤ 1.04.21 2.04.21 3.04.21 4.04.21 5.04.21 6.04.21 7.04.21 8.04.21 9.04.21 10.04.21 11.04.21 12.04.21 13.04.21 14.04.21 15.04.21 16.04.21 17.04.21 18.04.21 19.04.21 20.04.21 21.04.21 22.04.21 23.04.21 24.04.21 25.04.21 26.04.21 27.04.21 28.04.21 29.04.21 30.04.21 ➥Please SHARE this post to BK brothers and sisters in your connection. "Subscribe" (or see footer) to this website and receive regular updates via email. Useful Links Thought for Today (official page) March 2021 Thoughts (post) PDF section (all pdf at One place) Online Services (daily sustenance) All Godly Resources (daily use) Explore the Sitemap (all links)

  • आज का पुरुषार्थ for April 2021 (audio)

    "आज का विशेष पुरुषार्थ" शिव बाबा द्वारा अमृतवेला योग समय मिली अनमोल शिक्षाएँ है, विशेष पालना है, व विशेष directions है। सभी पुरुषार्थी ब्राह्मण आत्माए (ब्रह्माकुमारी व ब्रह्माकुमार) इस पुरुषार्थ को रोज सुने और अपने जीवन में तेज़ी से अपनाए। अब समय थोड़ा है, परिवर्तन का कार्य बड़ा है। इस वेबसाइट पोस्ट को अनन्य ब्राह्मण आत्माओ तक SHARE करे। सभी बाबा के बच्चो को यह पालना मिलनी चाहिए, यही हमारा संकल्प है। Share on WhatsApp⇗ Editor: This post will be updated daily ★ निचे Download links दी गयी है ➤ 10 April 2021 11 April 2021 12 April 2021 13 April 2021 14 April 2021 15 April 2021 16 April 2021 17 April 2021 18 April 2021 19 April 2021 20 April 2021 21 April 2021 22 April 2021 22 April 2021 पुरुषार्थ से मुख्य पॉइंट्स ➥ शिव बाबा हमे रोज ही love and light का अभ्यास करने को केहते है। देखो की सब कुछ पवित्र लाइट से बना है। इसी अभ्यास से स्थूल परिवर्तन होना है। ➥ बाबा यह भी revise कराते है की स्वयं को आत्मा निश्चय करो, और सम्बन्धो में आते भी हल्का रहो। ➥ अपनी स्व-स्थिति को बार बार check करो। क्या देह अभिमान आता है? क्या परिस्थिति का प्रभाव पड़ता है? स्वमान में कितना समय रहता हूँ? This is "Aaj ka Purusharth" published by 'Peace of Mind TV' (PMTV) नमस्ते शिव बाबा की याद में, The 'Shiv Baba Services Initiative' team इस वेबसाइट पोस्ट को अनन्य ब्राह्मण आत्माओ तक SHARE करे। सभी बाबा के बच्चो को यह पालना मिलनी चाहिए, यही हमारा संकल्प है। Share on WhatsApp⇗ Useful Links Thought for Today (daily) Online Services (sustenance) शिव बाबा का सन्देश General Articles (Hindi & English) BK Video Library (selected most useful videos)

  • BK Sister Jayanti Biography

    Brahma Kumari (BK) Sister Jayanti is well-known not only within the Brahma Kumaris family, but also outside. Mainly for her contributions in our TV shows, important ceremonies, lectures, being the director of BKWSU for Europe zone, and also being an ambassador of BKWSU at the UN (United Nations). On this official biography article, learn about Sister Jayanti's early life, spiritual life, her qualities, her role in services, and present news. Tip: Visit our Biography section to learn about life stories of great souls (in both English & Hindi languages). Skip to Useful links for more related topics. Sister Jayanti Early Life Jayanti Kriplani was born to a well-doing Sindhi family in Pune (or Poona) city in India in 1949. Her father's occupation afforded the family to move to England when she was 8 years old. She completed her school life/high school education in England. ➥Her life changed forever when she came to India for the first time during her school holidays, when she was about 19 years old. She came with her mother. While they were staying in their home in Pune, they got to know about a Satsang (holy gathering) running nearby. This was Geeta Pathshala of Brahma Kumaris... And to their fortune, Mamma herself had visited that centre and was staying for a few days. A family friend informed Jayanti's mother about this. "Must visit this satsang"; she said "and listen mamma explaining God's versions of Bhagavad Gita". Jayanti and her mother visited and meet Mamma Saraswati for the first time. Experience with Mamma Sister Jayanti remembers: "I was quiet resistent to spirituality, and thus leaned not to go to the satsang. But as I got there, there was this divine energy, a state of real peace, and an unconditional motherly love around this women (referring to Mamma) who greeted us.. I cannot describe how spiritually attractive Mamma was to me that time... I sat down to listen Mamma's murli and felt a deep connection to my own self.." ➥This was the very first experience of Sister Jayanti with Mamma, and the BK organisation. She had a conversation with Mamma, who suggested them to visit Mount Abu (madhuban). Later both Jayanti and her mother visited madhuban and meet Prajapita Brahma baba. This was how Sister Jayanti got connected with us. Personality & Virtues Being an emissary for peace at the UN for the last 45 years, Sister Jayanti always had a vision that is universal. Let it be universal love, brotherhood, peace, or spiritual identity. "We all are souls, children of the divine"; she reminds. Sister BK Jayanti is an excellent speaker of spirituality topics and that she connects to people. She has been an instrument in transforming lives of many while she was serving in Europe, based in London. Her peaceful nature and calming voice further connects to people and they also experience how a person is transformed by spiritual wisdom, and connecting to God, the Supreme Soul. ➥BK Jayanti sees the erosion of spiritual values at the heart of the underlying cause of the crises that the world is facing today. She has worked to promote positive thinking, religious harmony, moral & spiritual values in all sectors of society. ➥An elegant speaker, Sister Jayanti delivers a unique blend of spiritual wisdom from the East, and scientific knowledge from the West; explaining the deepest spiritual truths with clarity. Sister Jayanti has spoken on topics like spirituality in daily life, health, education, racial harmony, women´s needs, religions of the world, and peace in world. We listed down some of her notable presentations: Environment From 2009-2020, she headed the BK delegation to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change Conference of the Parties (COP), and has spoken internationally on the link between human consciousness and climate change. In January 2018, she led meditation sessions at the World Economic Forum in Davos, at the European Commission’s EU Sustainable Energy Week Conference in Brussels. Women’s Needs She was a delegate to the International Women’s Year Conference, in Berlin in 1975, which caused the start of the United Nations Decade for Women. Interfaith Sister Jayanti is an advisor to the Council for the Parliament of the World´s Religions and gives a major representation at this Parliament. She is also a member of Executive Committee of the World Congress of Faiths and is a member of the Advisory Body of the International Interfaith Centre. Sister Jayanti's role with the Brahma Kumaris Her role within the Brahma Kumaris is very broad: Based in the UK: Director of the BK lnternational Co-ordinating Office in London, Global Co-operation House, Global Retreat Centre in Oxfordshire and is the Director for BK Centres in over 3l countries in Europe and the Middle East. Global Administration: At a young age she helped establish BK Centres in London, Hong Kong, the Caribbean, Japan, South Africa and several European countries. BK UN Representative: NGO representative to the United Nations, Geneva for the Brahma Kumaris, participating in UN conferences and projects connected to the environment and climate change, women, development, youth and other major international projects for the UN. In this capacity she has undertaken extensive research into the role of spiritual values in world change and their role in empowering humanity to deal positively with the challenges we face today. Speaker: She is a much sought-after public speaker and broadcaster on a worldwide scale. She is an eloquent speaker who captivates her audience not just with her wisdom and depth of spirituality, but also her soothing voice. She has recorded hundreds of meditation commentaries. Author: She has written several inspiring books on spirituality in daily life. Teacher: Sister Jayanti’s day-to-day work includes spiritual teaching and providing spiritual guidance to the many students of the Brahma Kumaris. Useful Links Biography of Great Souls About Brahma Kumaris (Introduction) FAQs on BKWSU Question Answers (general) General Articles (English & Hindi)

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Forum Posts (315)

  • What is this Forum about ?

    This forum is made for those children of Shiv baba who live far away physically from each other. This forum is a connection for them. This is a link where you all will be now able to write, question and answer to each other easily on this website. This forum's 'Question Answers' section provides guidance and answers to life and relationship-related and also Gyan related questions that we received from you all via emails. This will be very helpful for everyone as it covers almost all possible problems we face in daily life and gives the advice as given by Shiv baba in Murlis, with practical and step by step guidance. Visit this Q and A forum for any question you have for your own life OR related to Gyan and Brahma Kumaris. SHARE this forum link to your family and connections. No matter how you are in present time, but your Supreme Father - God loves you. Always remember that. Namaste and Welcome...

  • How to Enjoy the Work (mind power)

    This question was asked by Deksha Pandey on 18 July 2018 . Essence: What should i do in life, how to make a right choice, career advice, etc. Original Question: Hello, My name is Deeksha Pandey. I am 25 years old working currently as a Software engineer in an IT firm in Bangalore from last 2.8 years. I completed my bachelors in Information and technology in 2015. It was not my will to go for engineering but things happened. But after i joined this job, initially i was very excited but then i lost interest in it. It doesn't make me feel as if i belong here. I don't feel excited about going to work every day. I tried studying for MBA but couldn't concentrate. I don't know which field should i get into to move ahead successfully in my career. I feel i am not going anywhere in my life and just stuck with what i have. I want to grow, make a successful career but i need a direction and i don't know where to find it. Please help me get all this. Help me get a direction. Which career should i choose and how do i get there! Will be eagerly waiting for your response. Thank you, Deeksha Pandey Our Answer: To: Deeksha (and everyone reading) Sweet divine sister Your letter is received. First of all you need to know, that no one other than you should take a decision of your life. You are responsible . Even if you take a wrong step, you will learn from that. Hence nothing is wasted. Learn when you fall down. However if you wish to get advice, then that best advice is: ''Wake up very early in morning (around 4:45 am) and sit in silence. Do not sleep. Try and practice this everyday and you will then automatically wake up on time. See, when you get up, sit down and concentrate all your thoughts. Merge them in 1 single thoughts - I am a peaceful soul. I am light. I am powerful. I am pure.- These all thoughts should be merge in 1 thought - ''I am a Soul''  - this is 1st step of meditation. When you will practice, you will definitely find a solution yourself - as you will awaken your inner powers. All the answers are within. Go within. Ask yourself then, what do i want? OR do I really WANT anything!!  Answer is no. I am complete without anything.  When you are happy and take your decisions with patience, your decisions are right. Otherwise wrong.  This is our advice. You should follow all points and see the result. Never do anything tin desire of a result. No. Just do as you love to do. Enjoy your life. Tomorrow may or may not come .  JUST be careful - you should NOT give or take sorrow from anyone. Do whatever your inner self says. It should not harm anyone, then it is good. As you now got a response to your question, we welcome you to take our 7 days Raja Yog course. Whenever you get time, do visit below link and start the course. Videos and audios also available. This is godly university for world transformation. 7 days course: Accha. Namaste 00

  • Sexless Marriages

    Om Shanti - When a person enters into a 'Gyaan' and follows Srimat for a consecutive no. of years and want to be a celibate for the rest of his/her life but his/her family pressurize to mary with someone then what about celibacy.. ? I think it is a very serious discussion. It is a case of mine. My family persuade me to marry but I don't..they said that life partner is very necessary in life..but for me nothing is more important than celibacy..I think there should be a forum where Kumar and kumari seek their life partners. To oppose parents decision is not easy. I want to marry with someone who is following brahma Kumaris. Share your thoughts..

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