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      How to Use? See More What's New? Resources BK Sustenance Godly Message Shiv Baba's Letter to all children. Message for today Satyug Gallery iPhone App New released app for iPhone. New Uploads BK News, New uploads on this website, new videos and more. About Us Who are Brahma Kumar & Kumaris, Introduction to Shiv Baba, BKWSU and Murli, Biography of great souls, History, Revelations, new world, and FAQs. RajYoga course 7 days RajYoga meditation course: Who am I? (Self), About God, World Drama Cycle, three worlds, law of karma, 8 powers, 7 virtues & Raja Yoga meditation. Online Services Online Services on this website. Forum, Daily Murli, Blog, online songs, meditation music, Apps, videos, and downloads. '' '' Give Blessings and Receive Blessings Murli Today Live TV BK forum (visit our official forum for question answers on relationship management, family, love, Murli, Shiv baba, about BK organisation, centres and more..) Godly flower Ishwariya Vishwa Vidhyalay (Godly University) ​ Since 1936, God, the incorporeal, the Supreme Soul is playing an incognito (hidden) part in World Transformation. We are God's children. We get an inheritance of Peace and Happiness from him as a New world ( ). Present time is Sangam Yug (Confluence Age). 'Murli' is teachings and advice of GodFather Shiv. We call Him lovingly as 'Shiv Baba' Everyone remembers God in their difficult times, prays Him for Peace and Happiness - but WHY? And no one knows Him fully. This knowledge of World cycle, 4 Ages, Soul, Drama is all being given by that Supreme Teacher through body medium of Prajapita Brahma since 1936. Brahma baba (earlier name was Lekhraj) surrendered everything of him to that unknown being. This was the beginning... Golden Age more In Brief About Brahma Kumaris, Murli & Rajyoga meditation ​ God has come. foundation was established in 1937 by the incorporeal God 'Shiv' through his medium Prajapita Brahma ( ) and since then, the unknown being (Shiv baba) started speaking knowledge ( Godly Spiritual University's Brahma Kumaris (Father or Ancestor of all Humans) earlier name was Lekhraj Murli ) through the medium of Brahma. Since then the Murlis (spoken words) are the source of Self-transformation for those who surrendered their mind and intellect to God. Through (advice of God), we transform our old sanskaras and adopt divine virtues of purity, peace, and love. God has come again to re-establish the Murli kingdom of Peace , which is remembered by us as the Golden Age, Satyug, or Paradise (heaven). We are his eternal spiritual children. We have a birthright of our Godfather's inheritance, but only if we follow his elevated advice (shrimat) ​ or RajYog is a Yog (meditation/a connection) in which we visualize the Self as a tiny point of spiritual light in the centre of the forehead and then remember the Supreme Soul as our father who is an Ocean of Peace, Purity, love and all Powers. Raja Yoga Read More We value feedback from regular visitors of this main BK website. You may also send us your suggestions. . Om Shanti Send Feedback '' I am a BK and I loved the eBooks provided here and much more. By far the most useful site for BK. Thanks Bapdada '' ~ Sneha Parikh (India) '' Very helpful website. I took the online Rajyoga course on this site and now I am following daily Murli also. Wonderful service. Om Shanti.'' ~Deepak Mehta (India) '' Om Shanti. I get something new from 'resources' section every time. Very useful for Baba's children who live far from a centre.'' ~Suraj Patel (USA) '' This website is a 'treasure' house for Baba's children. I appreciate the efforts to spread the knowledge.'' ~unknown

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      ~ PMTV Live Peace of Mind TV YouTube channel Main Page ✦ 1-12-2015 PMTV telecast: (Live Now) Useful Links AwakeningTV live Murli today General Articles Resources What's New? Old -> PMTV telecast of 20-06-2020 Listen Hindi Audio-books Article : Diwali significance & message Watch Tip: Awakening Channel live About PMTV Peace of Mind, as the name suggests, is Godly channel that is intended for viewers to experience the true inner peace, joy of (Rajyog) through telecasted programmes that enrich, empowers and enlightens. is daily telecasted in morning and evening on PMTV. Raja Yoga Murli Yet, this is not an another religious channel. Peace of Mind TV is made for spiritual upliftment on directions of our Supreme Father ( ) in Murlis. Hence channel shows and clarifies - how you can lead a while living at home and with family and fulfiling all responsibilities, with its famous programs like Awakening, Samadhan, etc. This programs are telecasted in many regional languages. God spiritual life PMTV Programmes includes Raja Yoga guided meditation, video songs, talks by elder Brahma Kumari/Kumar (BKs) on self-upliftment and transformation and imbibing divine values and virtues in life. In short the practical application of Spirituality and spiritual knowledge in your life. Watch on your satellite provider: - #1065 , - #678 Tata Sky Airel - #497 , - #640 Videocon Reliance ​ Broadcasting 24 hours a day, Peace of Mind is brought to you by the Prajapita BrahmaKumaris. Please know more on our About page ➔ Brahma Kumaris Introduction ​ Contact PMTV office BK Karuna Brahma Kumaris Shantivan, Post box No-1 Abu Road, Rajasthan - 307510 : Telephone lines 99993 44665; 8104 777 111/ 222, 7303 062339, 9960 588432, 941415 1111 ​ Donation To contribute to run Peace of Mind channel, email us on or message on (BK Gokul bhai) 941 415 5480

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      Thought for Today Online Services Resources Message (quote) for today in Hindi and English. Date: 1-12-2020 Aaj ka Swaman Murli today Calendar PDF Message PDF Listen ➜ Message for Today (Hindi) ​ (new) " जो मेहनत से मिले वो अपना होता है। जो भाग्य से मिले, वो विरासत होती है। जो मांगने से मिले वो भीख होती है। जो छीनने से हासिल किया जाए वो पाप होता है। लेकिन जो त्याग करने से मिले वो पुण्य का फल होता है, सच्ची प्राप्ति वही है। " ​ (old) " .'' When God solves your problem, you deepen faith in him. When God do not solve your problem, that means he has faith in you. God is our spiritual father. He has given us powers so that we can face any challenges. Everything in this world is temporary. Challenges will come and go. They come to make you better and more powerful. At the end, we realise that whatever happens is always for a good reason ​ "जब ईश्वर हमारी समस्या हल कर देते है, तो हमारी उनसे श्रद्धा जुड़ जाती है। लेकिन जब वो हमारी समस्य को हल नहीं करते, तो उनकी श्रद्धा हम पर है की हम स्वयं उस समस्या को सुलझाएंगे। परमात्मा ही हमे शक्ति देते है की हम किसी भी समस्या को पार कर पाए। अंत में हम भी समज जाते है की जो भी हुआ, अच्छे के लिए ही हुआ।" (old) Baba says: '' '' See everything as light. You are light, me your father is light and every-thing is made of light of peace, purity and love. This is the light of god's love. Imagine the soul residing in the body made of light. ​ "In this time, being Godly children, it is our prime responsibility to spread the vibrations of peace, purity, love and healing powers. Practice giving sakash to world souls with a guided commentary given on this page ." ​ (Those souls who are in problem needs God's vibrations to overcome. Who will provide them? Surely we angels will, who can connect to the supreme soul and to the human souls, our divine brothers) ​ Watch this video of BK Shivani to learn the importance of the present time and How should we contribute in bringing peace to the world and heal those who are in pain. Buy Book A PDF collection of thoughts for today is given below. Positive thinking, inspiring and re-energising thoughts of the day. ​ Topic wise collection in PDF to view (read), download and print. Here is one of the way you can welcome the Self transformation slowly and sweety by walking the way God himself shows us. These thoughts are seeds for daily thinking and teaches us the way 'How to Think' and 'How to live'. Download all thoughts Format A short description and main points from Today's thoughts Read this Thought --> ( PDF will open in new window ) Thoughts book starts on January 2019 1. New Year Resolutions - Returning within, Hope and Faith. --> Read this thought 2. Creative thinking, Personal growth, turning virtues into Powers. --> Read this 3. Self-control, attachments, Harmony in life. —> Read this 4. Pessimist to Optimist, three mirrors of inner beauty —> Read this 5. Courage, Listen to your intellect, message —> Read this 6. Getting through the day, Absorbing spiritual light --> Read this 7. Diamond consciousness - Absorbing spiritual light --> Read this 8. Expand my heart, accepting criticism --> Read this 9. Healthy eating, Determination, Deep peace meditation --> Read this 10. Open mind, enjoying life, managing Relationships --> Read this 11. Power of choice, rising above expectations, self-transformation --> Read this 12. Become like a child, decision making power, Honesty --> Read this 13. Harmony and purity in relationships, Karma, Self respect --> Read this 14. Get Set Go (success), a Stable mind, changing Belief systems, State of mind --> Read this 15. Look at the Bright side, Have Patience, Relieving stress, overcome obstacles --> Read this ​ 16. Quiet Mind derives from God, royalty of soul is in being cheerful --> Read this ​ 17. Goodness, the Energy of thought and feelings, harmony in life --> Read this ​ 18. Peace of mind, spiritual education, positive feelings for all beings --> Read this ​ 19. A place of silence, Soul healing, Thought-destiny cycle explained --> Read this ​ 20. Big heart, forgiveness, Selfless love, changing old habits --> Read this ​ 21. Opportunity and Hurdles in life, Thought and relationship --> Read this ​ 22. Power of Truth, change in Consciousness, learn from mistakes --> Read this ​ 23. Let go these 3 habits, God's identity, learn Patience, Faculties of Soul --> Read this ​ 24. Give gifts by the mind, words and hands, Mind-body balance --> Read this ​ 25. Art of living, Virtue of Peace, finish waste thoughts --> Read this Zipped (14 Mb)

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    • Diwali Article ~Message & True Significance

      Diwali, or Deepawali, as said by tradition is an age-old and a significant festival recognised and celebrated in India by almost all of its religions (Hindu, Sikh, Jain, SwamiNarayan, South culture, etc). Deepawali marks the beginning of a new time (New Year) and it marks the final victory of good over evil forces, of light (knowledge) over darkness (ignorance); and therefore we do light up Diya (a small lamp) to remind ourselves of our own inner light of peace, purity, love, and spiritual joy. Some also celebrate this festival as a remembrance day of lord Rama's return to his kingdom. This is a complete article on Diwali, for the year 2020. Written and published by team of the "Shiv Baba Service Initiative". Please SHARE this article to your relatives. Visit General Articles to read our selected most useful articles in English and Hindi. Get PDF version of this article to download or print. (There are more than one meanings to the rituals and beliefs connected with Deepawali festival. And we will cover all those aspects and explain the spiritual meaning behind them. Read this article till the end) Festival of Lights! The image of light holds a very deep meaning in many faiths. It is the symbol of the image of God and also the image of one’s true identity- the spirit or the soul. Just as the sea of lights guided Rama back to his kingdom, so too we have the ability to walk towards the ultimate light- that of God’s through following a spiritual path of self-discovery. What does a Diya represent? A diya is lighted up in all houses. It is a symbol of soul's diya (light or consciousness) being lighted up in the presence of the supreme soul. Diya also translates into 'given' or 'donated'. Diya would mean: "I give all my weaknesses to God", and in return, we do receive his pure energies. With his powers, we can transform ourselves. This festival also reminds us "To Give" whatever we have in excess. This is the way of living in which we not only provide for others who are in need, but also bring benefit our own self by doing such good deeds. Watch this video ➜ Significance of Diya ~ Diwali message by BK Shivani BK Shivani behen explains the meaning behind lighting up a Diya on the night of Diwali. Also marks the new beginning. *To watch more videos by Sister Shivani on 'Diwali significance', visit the Full playlist on YouTube. Soul & the Supreme Soul Raja Yoga - which means “intellectual connection with God (Supreme Soul)” is a form of meditation which focuses the attention of the mind on one’s true identity as a light, a point of spiritual conscious energy- the soul. Me the soul is residing at the centre of the forehead and using the brain and senses to write this article. The "Tilak" marked on the forehead is to remind us that the self is a pure divine soul. The light – the soul – is the core of our being. One of the greatest spiritual truths mentioned in the Gita is the understanding that every human soul consists of several original qualities – like the genetic make-up of the soul. They are: peace, purity, love happiness and wisdom. (Refer: Original Virtues of Soul). Just by turning my awareness within and releasing these original qualities, I will be able to experience them. That is what gives us the power of Hanuman, the wisdom of Krishna, or the courage of Rama. Diwali brings Cleanliness In India, as a child as well, we all would have observed that our parents operates the cleaning of entire house during the time of Diwali; and we also helped them in cleaning. But what is the purpose of this only during the time of Deewali? What does cleanliness signify? The real purpose is to clean our thoughts, clean our impure sanskaras, to find out our weakness and throw it away, and in all to clean our inner self and reflect upon our life. "This body in which I the soul live is also my home, which I should keep pure and clean." This is the true significance of cleanliness observed during the new year (and Diwali). Such introvert and spiritual aspects are forgotten with time as we become extrovert. Now is the time when God (Supreme Soul) himself explains what we have forgotten. Diwali brings Newness New clothes, new accounts, presents, sweets, colourful decorations, lightings everywhere, traditional dances- these are all pretty common experiences in the time of Diwali! They all add to the joyous nature of the festival- and it is indeed a "glorious" festival, which also unites families as they gathers during its 10 to 18 days long national holiday which is one reason it is loved by so many. Shri Lakshmi visits our Home The belief is widespread in India, that Shri Lakshmi (goddess of wealth) visits our home during the time of Deepawali. And therefore we do cleaning in our house and at workplace. There is a spiritual meaning behind this belief as well. Till now, we learn that this festival reminds us to become soul conscious, to clean our thoughts and heart, to donate whatever we have in excess, and to spread happiness to everyone. And when we do all this, we become a great soul, after whom all prosperity follows. "Prosperity of peace, wealth, health and happiness comes to those who adopt divine values and virtues." Takeaway: Plant and cherish divine virtues of purity, peace, selfless love, truth, mercy, kindness, and knowledge in your life; and all prosperity will follow you. Watch this video ➜ Deepawali Greetings and Message~ BK Suraj bhai BK Suraj bhai explains the meaning behind Diwali celebration and inspires to transform the life from today, with a 'new' beginning... Essence of Diwali Article 'Festival of Lights' is the remembrance day of our victory against evil forces (5 vices- lust, anger, greed, ego, attachment) We clean the house (which signifies the cleaning of our thoughts, words and karma) We light a Diya to signify the 'awakening' of soul, that God comes and makes us conscious of our own self- a divine point of light (soul) As we become 'soul-conscious', we attain innate inner peace, joy and happiness. As we attain a victory over these vices, then Shri Lakshmi (symbol of wealth and prosperity) comes in our life. Diwali marks the beginning of a new way of living - every-thing is new. Hence a 'New Year' is celebrated the day after Deepawali. Useful Links General Articles - Hindi & English RajYoga course online (WISDOM) Video Library (watch selected most useful videos) BK Shivani's Biography (official- English) Navratri Message 2020 article .

    • अव्यक्त बाबा मिलान क्या है?

      ब्रह्माकुमारी व ब्रह्माकुमार आज जानते है की अव्यक्त बापदादा की मुरली द्वारा पालना देने का पार्ट अब समाप्त हुआ है। अर्थात अब हमे ज्ञान स्वरुप, अव्यक्त फरिस्ता स्वरुप बनना है। शिक्षक की शिक्षा तो हमारे साथ है ही है, और उसमे भी शिव बाबा हम बच्चो को योग में extra सहयोग दे रहे है। अच्छा, यह तो हुई हर एक आत्मा के पुरुषार्थ अनुसार उनके अनुभव की बात। यह लेख में आप जानेंगे की अव्यक्त में मिलन मनाना अर्थात क्या? जरूर पढ़े, समझे, अभ्यास में लाये, और अन्य बी.के.भाई बहनो को SHARE करे। बाबा मिलन क्या होता है ? ✦ सबसे पहले तो ये की हम ब्राह्मण आत्माये इतने प्यार से बाबा किसे कहते है तो "बाबा" शब्द जो हम बोलते रहते है वो हमारे आत्मिक पिता, पारलौकिक पिता शिव है, बाबा इसलिए कहते है क्योंकि बाबा शब्द एक बहुत प्यार का प्रतीक है, हम अपने अपने घर में भी अपने बड़े बुजुर्गों को प्यार से बाबा कहते है न, क्योंकि जिससे हम बहुत प्रेम करते हो और जो अनुभवों का भण्डार हो और जो हमारे जीवन के भविष्य में हमारे मददगार है। ✦ अब हम बाबा मिलन अर्थात परमात्म मिलन कहते है इसका तात्पर्य यह है कि जब इस दुनिया में विकारों की आंधी, सत्य का विनाश और अधर्म की हानि होती है, तब स्वयं परमात्मा इस धरा पर साधारण तन में प्रवेश कर हम आत्माओ को सत्यता, प्रेम ,सुख, शांति का पाठ पढ़ाते है, मानव को पुनः सच्चा मानव बनाते है, सत्कर्म व् सत्यधर्म का पाठ पढ़ाकर एक नया राज्य नयी दुनिया सतयुग के स्थापना के निमित्त बनाते है। ✦ भगवान् ने कहा है मैं किसी साधारण से रूप में इस धरा पर आकर तुमको अपना परिचय देता हूँ, तुममे से कोई विरला ही मुझे पहचान पायेंगे क्योंकि तुम मायानगरी में बिलकुल अंधे बन पड़े थे इसलिए मुझे तुम आत्माओ को जगाने आना होता है। तो जो आत्माये परमात्मा को पहचान लेते है और उनकी श्रीमत को पालन करते है वही वास्तव में परमात्मा से मिलन मनाते है। ✦ बाबा मिलन अर्थात जिस तरह हम इस दुनिया में लोगो से बात करते, मिलते, मिलन मनाते है उसी प्रकार हम आत्मा स्वरुप में टिक कर सुबह सुबह जो विशेष परमात्म की याद का समय होता है, उस समय परमात्मा रूह रिहान कर सकते है ,उनसे मन से ही ,अपने संकल्पों से बात कर सकते है ,उनसे प्रतिदिन मिलन मना सकते है तो ये बाबा मिलन होता है। ✦ और जब स्वयं आदिपिता प्रजापिता ब्रह्मा इस धरा पर जीवित थे तब परमात्मा उनके तन का आधार लेकर कभी भी आत्माओ से मिलन मनाने आजाते परंतु उनके देह त्यागने के बाद और सर्वश्रष्ठ पवित्र 8 में सम्मलित रत्न हमारी दादी जी की तन में आकर विशेष दिन फिक्स कर परमात्मा आत्माओ से डायरेक्ट इस धरा पर मिलन मनाते है तो इसे ही हम बाबा या बापदादा मिलन कहते है। यह वीडियो में आप सुनो ➞ अव्यक्त बापदादा से मिलान करने का योग (with guided commentary) ✤ Useful Links General Articles - Hindi & English RajYog guided commentaries (audio) Article: मुरली क्या है? Hindi Audio-Books (by BK Jagdish bhai) Video Library (most useful videos) राजयोग कर्मयोग की विधि BK Google ~our 'search engine' .

    • Spiritual Significance of Dussehra

      दशहरा - Dussehra - Destroying The Ravan Within A Special Message On Dussehra this year 2020. A Godly message to overcome the five vices (lust, anger, greed, ego, attachment) which we call Ravan (Ravana) and to re-establish the inner kingdom of peace, purity, love, joy, and spiritual power. When the Soul who has fallen in the well of these five vices will now recognise its true spiritual identity as a child of the Supreme Soul (god) and thus receive the knowledge from the father (Shiv Baba). So let's explore the truth behind celebration of Dessehra (Dushera) after the nine days of Navratri and why is Ravana burned on the 10th day? What does it mean? What does 10 heads of Ravan signify? Who are Sita and Rama? You will know them in this article. To read many such useful articles, visit our Articles section. Who is Sita? In the old days, the saints and sages used to explain the wisdom of life and living by telling a story and then relating it to individual life. These then became our religious scriptures. One of the most revered religious scriptures of ancient India is "Ramayana", which is the life story of Lord Rama, the king of Ayodhya. As the story goes, Sita (wife of Lord Rama) who was residing in a forest was kidnapped by Ravana (an evil-minded king of Lanka). How does that happen? Well, a great wisdom of life is understood just from this incidence. The very scene in which the kidnap of Sita happens is full of spiritual meaning. Now we will explain the significance of the story while narrating it... Apharan of Sita Story: Sita was residing in a forest, along with Rama, and his brother Lakshman. One day, Rama went into the deeper forest to fulfil a wish (desire) of Sita, which was to get a deer which she saw and found very charming. After a while, when Rama did not return, Lakshman also followed him. Before that, he draw a 'Rekha' (a line), famously known as 'Lakshman Rekha' around the hut in which Sita stayed. This rekha would protect Sita from any danger. Meaning behind it: Observe how the names of characters taken here itself signify the meaning. Laksh, which means 'aim and objective' of our life. And lakshman-rekha would mean - the line of our principles (Hindi word is Maryada). And when Sita, who represents us, the souls crosses our 'rekha' (line of Maryada) of values and principles, then the Ravana (representing the 5 vices) would take control on us (saying kidnap us) and take us to lanka (representing a world of sorrow). As long as Sita was inside the line of values and principles, Ravana was helpless and could not do anything... But as soon as Sita crosses the line of maryada, Ravan could easily take the control. The message we get here is: We all souls are a Sita who lives in this body. Rama, is our spiritual father, the supreme soul (Shiv Baba). As long as we stay in our Maryada (stick with our principle moral values), we are safe from the vices... If we become careless and cross our line of maryada, then the vices (lust, anger, greed, ego, attachment) would enter and take us to the world of sorrow (that is; our life becomes a misery). In order to free us souls from sorrow, God himself (Ram) has to cross the ocean (explaining that the Supreme soul lives in the soul world, while we live in this corporeal world, and hence in order to free us, he has to cross this ocean/border). Cross the ocean and enter the Lanka. In order to take us back to home, he has to first finish the Ravan (5 vices). And how does he do that? The story also describes that. Lord Rama targets the arrow (Hindi word is bana) at the Navel (Nabhi) of Ravana and he falls down. Victory is achieved. Here, navel (nabhi) is taken as the 'root', which signifies that 'body-consciousness' actually is the root cause of all vices. Aim to finish body-consciousness and you get rid of all those 10 heads (5 vices both in male and female), and you get the victory. This victory of us souls over our own weaknesses (in form of vices) is celebrated year after year. But when would we actually get this victory? Anwer is: in order to overcome our weaknesses, we derive powers from our father, whom we have called God, the supreme soul. How? Through Yog (connection with God). This which we call RajaYog Meditation. ✱ Watch this video where BK Sister Shivani explains the meaning of Dussehra ✱ Victory over Weaknesses (Dussehra Significance): BK Shivani Dussehra celebration Across the Country Many interesting and famous mythological stories of Dussehra or Vijayadashami, that celebrates the victory of righteousness over evil, are present in the world. On this day, a portrait of Ravana is created every year, and is burned by a person who forms himself as Lord Rama. After this, a celebration is made to signify that we have burned the evil and a victory is achieved. This is celebrated across India in similar ways. As God, our spiritual father himself has revealed in the Murlis, we the souls were originally a sparkling star-like point of living energy, full of peace, purity and bliss. When we spiritually powerful souls first came onto the world to play, our purity was naturally seen through the physical body, in the form of divine qualities like love, happiness and joy. Refer to: World Drama Cycle. Slowly as we came in the cycle of birth and death, we started falsely identifying our-self with this physical body and forgot our eternal identity of that of a soul. We started getting attracted to the five senses and sense objects. The golden deer which had attracted Sita in the Ramayan is a symbolic representation of these material attractions (which we see today), while the internal stage of soul-consciousness is shown in the form of the Lakshman Rekha which Sita had crossed. This led to her getting kidnapped by vices and getting distanced from Rama (God). ✦Essence The episode of kidnapping of Sita by Ravan refers to the kidnapping of the soul by the forces of Evil or the five vices namely lust, anger, greed, attachment and ego. Ram comes in the world to free all the Sita from the lanka of Ravan (the five vices). Tip: Also read our article on Navratri Message. Useful links General Articles - Hindi & English 7 days course online (Eng) About Brahma Kumaris - Introduction Online Services (daily sustenance 'online') Videos Library (watch our selected videos) . #english #brahmakumari #brahmakumaris

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    • What is this Forum about ?

      This forum is made for those children of Shiv baba who live far away physically from each other. This forum is a connection for them. This is a link where you all will be now able to write, question and answer to each other easily on this website. This forum's 'Question Answers' section provides guidance and answers to life and relationship-related and also Gyan related questions that we received from you all via emails. This will be very helpful for everyone as it covers almost all possible problems we face in daily life and gives the advice as given by Shiv baba in Murlis, with practical and step by step guidance. Visit this Q and A forum for any question you have for your own life OR related to Gyan and Brahma Kumaris. SHARE this forum link to your family and connections. No matter how you are in present time, but your Supreme Father - God loves you. Always remember that. Namaste and Welcome...

    • How to Enjoy the Work (mind power)

      This question was asked by Deksha Pandey on 18 July 2018 . Essence: What should i do in life, how to make a right choice, career advice, etc. Original Question: Hello, My name is Deeksha Pandey. I am 25 years old working currently as a Software engineer in an IT firm in Bangalore from last 2.8 years. I completed my bachelors in Information and technology in 2015. It was not my will to go for engineering but things happened. But after i joined this job, initially i was very excited but then i lost interest in it. It doesn't make me feel as if i belong here. I don't feel excited about going to work every day. I tried studying for MBA but couldn't concentrate. I don't know which field should i get into to move ahead successfully in my career. I feel i am not going anywhere in my life and just stuck with what i have. I want to grow, make a successful career but i need a direction and i don't know where to find it. Please help me get all this. Help me get a direction. Which career should i choose and how do i get there! Will be eagerly waiting for your response. Thank you, Deeksha Pandey Our Answer: To: Deeksha (and everyone reading) Sweet divine sister Your letter is received. First of all you need to know, that no one other than you should take a decision of your life. You are responsible . Even if you take a wrong step, you will learn from that. Hence nothing is wasted. Learn when you fall down. However if you wish to get advice, then that best advice is: ''Wake up very early in morning (around 4:45 am) and sit in silence. Do not sleep. Try and practice this everyday and you will then automatically wake up on time. See, when you get up, sit down and concentrate all your thoughts. Merge them in 1 single thoughts - I am a peaceful soul. I am light. I am powerful. I am pure.- These all thoughts should be merge in 1 thought - ''I am a Soul''  - this is 1st step of meditation. When you will practice, you will definitely find a solution yourself - as you will awaken your inner powers. All the answers are within. Go within. Ask yourself then, what do i want? OR do I really WANT anything!!  Answer is no. I am complete without anything.  When you are happy and take your decisions with patience, your decisions are right. Otherwise wrong.  This is our advice. You should follow all points and see the result. Never do anything tin desire of a result. No. Just do as you love to do. Enjoy your life. Tomorrow may or may not come .  JUST be careful - you should NOT give or take sorrow from anyone. Do whatever your inner self says. It should not harm anyone, then it is good. As you now got a response to your question, we welcome you to take our 7 days Raja Yog course. Whenever you get time, do visit below link and start the course. Videos and audios also available. This is godly university for world transformation. 7 days course: Accha. Namaste 00

    • Sexless Marriages

      Om Shanti - When a person enters into a 'Gyaan' and follows Srimat for a consecutive no. of years and want to be a celibate for the rest of his/her life but his/her family pressurize to mary with someone then what about celibacy.. ? I think it is a very serious discussion. It is a case of mine. My family persuade me to marry but I don't..they said that life partner is very necessary in life..but for me nothing is more important than celibacy..I think there should be a forum where Kumar and kumari seek their life partners. To oppose parents decision is not easy. I want to marry with someone who is following brahma Kumaris. Share your thoughts..

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