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Why is Shiva’s Divine Birth Associated with ‘Ratri’?

The most Beloved is the God whom we lovingly recognise and call as Shiv (or Shiva when pronounced in English), the Supreme Father, has now explained that the term ‘night’ is, in fact, a symbol of ignorance, drowsiness, tamoguna, lassitude, lasciviousness or indulgence in vices. In this sense, Dwapar Yuga and Kaliyuga, i.e., the second half-period of the World History-Cycle denotes the ‘Night of the World’, because that is the period characterised by ignorance, irreligiousness, sinfulness and lewdness.

Ratri is associated with Shiv because he comes in night of ignorance. When the world was in night, when souls became impure with the 5 vices, when the true religion of purity and peace and the spiritual self identity is forgotten. In such time only, him came to awaken us, to re establish the Dharma (religion) of peace in world and uplifted the whole humanity.(Yada Yada hi Dharmasya...)

At the end of Kaliyuga (Iron Age) when even the Sadhus (Holy men) put up only an outward show and are devoid of purity within, when even the Gurus (preceptors) are mere impostors and the Sanyasis (renunciates) do not renounce their vices and the Acharyas have lost all high standards of Achar (Character), i.e., when even those, who are expected to be the source of ethical and moral inspiration, are utterly degenerated, God Father Shiva, the most illustrious Preceptor descends into this world. In other words, when unrighteousness and impurity in personal, social and international conduct reach their zenith and Bharat, which was once the edifice of Purity, becomes a veritable house of sin, hidden or open, it is then that the advent of God Shiva, the Bestower of Purity and Remover of Impurity, takes place in this world. Therefore, instead of celebrating a ‘birthday’ (as it is called in the case of others), we celebrate the ‘Birth Night’ of God Shiva.


*Thought for Today*

'Will Power is the greatest asset of a human soul. Use your will power to benefit the self and the world. Practice.'

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