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20 May 2018 Essence of Murli today in English

Brahma Kumaris murli today in English - 20 May 2018 - BapDada - Madhuban -

''The three rights of happiness, peace and purity.''

V- May you be a master trikaldarshi (knower of three aspects of time) and become a conqueror of Maya by knowing the past, present and future.

The children who know the three aspects of time can never be defeated by Maya because what the present is and what is going to happen in the future is very clear in the intellect of a soul who is a trikaldarshi. “What I am and what I am going to become” - they have the intoxication of both the present and the future. They continue to fly with the happiness of that intoxication and this is why their feet are always above the ground. They are not attracted to their bodies, bodily relations or old possessions of the body.

S- Those who have the virtue of easiness find it very easy to conduct themselves in a gathering.


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