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For this, we assume that you are connected with Brahma Kumaris family (yagya), and you have taken the 7 days RajYoga course, and are a regular godly student, who listens or read shiv baba's daily murli (or murali) in your regional language either through your nearby local BK center, or via internet.

Shiv baba and Brahma (BapDada)

Here are our official and wellknown Murli websites, serving baba's daily murli in regional and international languages in text, PDF, and audio.


Info ➤ Murli is served in 28 languages officially from madhuban, Mount Abu (HQ) in India.

Services ➤ Read murli online, download PDF, listen audio

Official?➙ Yes

Run by➙ Murli department, Mount Abu.


Info ➤ This is a new platform for serving daily murli in Hindi, English and Bengali (as of march 2021). BabaMurliORG allows you to 'subscribe' to daily murli on your email - so that you will get daily murli on your email when we post on the website at 6 pm (India time)

Services ➤ Read murli online, download PDF, listen audio + daily Purusharth (audio) + daily message.

Official?➙ Yes

Run by➙ Shiv Baba Service Initiative team, India & UK.


Info ➤ Most used murli website - serving murli in 28 languages in htm, pdf, audio via various sources.

Services ➤ Read murli online in HTM, download PDF, listen Audio + daily calendars, Hindi chart, etc.

Official?➙ No, but approved.

Run by➙ BK Luhar ji (Ahmedabad, India)


Info ➤ This is murli blog - daily murli is served in 2 languages - Hindi and English, posted everyday at around 6 pm (India time)

Services ➤ Read murli on blog online, download PDF

Official?➙ No.

Run by➙ unknown

Daily Murli Mobile Apps

1. Madhuban Murli app

2. BK Sustenance -All in One

3. Mobile Murli app (BkDrLuhar)

Useful Links

Daily Murli Audio (official page)

What is Gyan Murli (English)

ज्ञान मुरली क्या है?

Video Library (selected Top videos)


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