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GOD of Gita is incorporeal Shiv, not Krishna (a deity)

Who is the supreme soul, know the introduction of God of Shrimat Bhagavad Geeta from senior Rajyogi brother Brijmohan.

''God gives us a solution to create a world that is completely free from disease. When the world reaches a state of extreme degradation, God comes to destroy the evil and unrighteousness and re-establish a peaceful and pure world. Gita is a memorial to God’s direct task of creating a satoguni (pure) world. God has come to awaken the people of Bharat – He says lust is the greatest enemy. Today, due to lust, men are committing barbaric acts against women. Only God can perform the task of purifying this viciousness in humans today. It is time for the people of Bharat to recognize God, who is purifying Bharat. ''

BK Sister Usha, Mount Abu :

Why did Sri Krishna impart wisdom to Pandavas, who were already righteous? He had first gone to Duryodhana, who said that he knew what dharma was but he could not follow it. Similarly, we all know what dharma is, but how many of us walk the path of dharma? It is the time of extreme unrighteousness. Greed, selfishness, lack of generosity are symptoms of Kaliyuga. Spiritual power is the only power that can resolve all problems. God is now giving us that power. Saints and spiritual leaders should join hands to awaken people about the fact that God has come in Bharat in order to transform the world through true spiritual wisdom being imparted by Him.

Life today has become very challenging and stressful. More than ever before, people are insecure and anxious about their future. As humans struggle to find solutions to the mounting problems, it is evident that we need a higher wisdom and power to deal with the emerging crises. It is said in the scriptures that God comes at the time of extreme moral degradation. There is a very famous shloka in Bhagavad Gita: “Yada yada hi dharmasya glanirbhawati bharat, abhyuthannam adharmasya tadatmanam srijamyaham”. Looking at the deteriorating condition of the world, we can realise that the time has come when God’s intervention is necessary to bring about a transformation in the world.

Mahashivratri or Shiv Jayanti is the most significant of all festivals, for it marks the descent of the Highest on High God Shiva in the human world to liberate human souls from sin and suffering and re-establish heaven or Satyuga on earth. The deep spiritual meaning of Shivratri is that God descends on earth at the time of extreme darkness (ratri) when the condition of the world has become critical. God is incorporeal and immutable.

The Shiva lingam denotes the incorporeal form of God Shiva. It signifies the form of God as a point of light, which is very similar to the description of God in many faiths. This is why the twelve well-known Shiva temples in India are also known as Jyotirlingam Math, signifying his form of light. The eternal light that hangs above the ark in every synagogue, the altar lamps in churches, and light symbols associated with Egyptian, Babylonian, Druid, and Norse gods corroborate the widespread belief in the divine light being the image of the one, incorporeal, Supreme Being.

The literal meaning of the word Shiva is benefactor, or one who does good to all. Supreme Soul Shiva brings benefit to all souls by performing the divine functions of creating and sustaining a new, pure world and destroying all vices and evil in the old, impure world, i.e., He gives liberation and salvation to all human beings.


*Thought for Today*

'Will Power is the greatest asset of a human soul. Use your will power to benefit the self and the world. Practice.'

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Established by God, this is the World Spiritual University for Purification of Souls with the knowledge and RajaYoga taught by the Supreme Soul (God), giving his most beneficial advice. 

Established in 1936, by today has more than 8500 centres in around 140 countries. World transformation is taking place. Come and know .more




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