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5 Forms of Soul Practice for Swaman

Updated: Aug 17

Five forms of Soul are (Angel, Brahman, Worship worthy idol, Devta, Eternal form of Light). These are our 5 forms throughout the Kalpa (cycle of 500 years) within the 3 dimensions (worlds) - Corporeal, Subtle and Incorporeal.

I am a sparkling soul. In the beginning, I was in my complete and perfect 'deity' form. Then in bhakti (time of devotion) my deity form was worshipped. Now at confluence age, I have become an elevated brahmin, the direct child (creation) of god and at the end time, I will fully become an angel (God's hand for service in world).

1. Anadi (Eternal) Form


I am a sparkling light... rays are spread through me in all four directions.....i have entered into this body... I am an embodiment of peace...an embodiment of purity... the rays of purity emerged through me is spreading in my entire body... I am owner of this body...owner of motor organs...owner of mind, intellect, sanskars also...owner of all powers...the rays of power emerged through me is spreading in all four directions... I detach from the body and move towards Paramdham (Soul world)...Now, I am in

Paramdham, in a liberated state...in front of Shivbaba... go on perceiving your divine form.

Through this form practice, the soul regains all its virtues, detachment will enhance and vices will get eliminated.

2. Our First Form (Deity / Devi-Devta)


I descend from Paramdham and enter into deity form...i am devi (goddesses), I am devta (god)... I am in divine and pure body...in heaven...in golden palace...seated on throne...I am 16 degree complete, full with divine virtues...complete viceless...pushpak vimanas are parked in front of me...the beauty of nature is everywhere...nature is my slave...nature is comforting and mind pleasing... chirping of beautiful birds in all direction, sweet music of nature...deities are seen roaming everywhere.

Through this form practice, we will start gaining all the virtues of deities easily, our joy will increase, sanskars will start transforming and imbibing purity will become easier.

3. Middle Aged Form (Bhakti / worshipped)


My devotees are worshipping me, the Isht dev (desired god) with so much systematic methods and disciplines...I am eight armed Durga... I am destroyer of devil...destroyer of sins...world uplifter...I am in temple... thousands of devotees are standing with their various desires...sakash (currents) are coming out through my head and falling over them... everyone’s desire is being fulfilled. I am destroyer of obstacles Siddhi vinayak Ganesha... bestower of intellect, power... merciful...fulfiller of wishes... they are having visions of my Isht (desired) form... they are singing praises...everyone’s obstacles are destroyed.

By remaining in this form, self-respect will get awakened...sanskar of giver and merciful will be created... internal powers will increase and purity will start becoming natural.

4. Confluence Aged Form (Brahman - Effort making)


I am that Brahmin soul who has been chosen by God, selected by him...No one is as fortunate as me... since I am fostered by Godly sustenance... I am master almighty authority... I am ancestor...I am a victory jewel... I am an image of support, Image of upliftment, Image of example, I am a World server, World transformer & World benefactor...Wow...I had never thought that God would become mine...never visualized that we would come so closer to him... he has given me blessings...he has given me never ending treasures...in this way by remembering your brahmin life experience joy, bliss and self-respect...now after acquiring the true knowledge my thirst of innumerable births has been quenched.

Through this form practice, daily our importance of life, awareness of godly blessings and intoxication of attainments will increase and impact of Kaliyuga won’t be there on mind.

5. Last Form (Angel)


I, the soul is present in the sparkling body of light...I am double light... light is spread through my each organ... I am completely liberated...equal to Father Brahma... completely pure...detached... at rest... completely free... can go anywhere within a second... I am an avyakt (imperceptible) subtle angel...seated on lotus throne... white pure rays of baba are falling on me from upwards.

Through this form practice, awareness of body will start vanishing. Mind will remain completely lighter, bondages and attachment will come to an end and various subtle services will happen.

Experience that there is no limit for me, beyond all limitations, I am wandering in open sky like a free bird... the rays of peace, bliss, love is emerging through me and reaching to the entire globe. The sorrowful and restless souls of the world are experiencing peace.


To practice these five forms is to become Swadarshan Chakradhari (spinner of the discus of self realization). This will burn away the sins, enable to practice elevated part in various births of the entire cycle and mind will easily be stabilized in seed form experiencing supreme bliss. This drill has to be practiced for 5-5 minutes many times a day. This drill need to be practiced at least 8 times. This drill of mind, exercise will make mind ever happy, keep in zeal and enthusiasm and enable to experience flying stage.

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