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Creating Heaven on Earth - Tips for a Better Life

Some advice tips for you so that you can make you life better and handle the challenging situations:

  1. Keep on helping the self and others. Having a pure attitude, pure thoughts and pure actions will create good karma for you.

  2. Behave as though you want to be there, which means be content with what you are doing in your life. When others see you being content they will start to copy you. Even if you are not content with what you are doing, GIVE yourself a reason to be content with what you are doing.

  3. Be content with others. Remember everyone is doing their best and they can only perform according to what they know and understand. Keep seeing their specialities, believe that they are very good and treat them accordingly.

  4. Keep an attitude of trust and at the same time use your own intellect. This requires judgement power. Keeping good communication with others involved and not just one person will help with finding out the truth.

  5. Don’t panic if things don’t go your way. Keep calm and have the faith that things will work themselves out.

  6. Behave as though there is nothing wrong. Remember, the “Drama” of life is accurate and every scene is there to teach you something.

  7. Do things differently. If you keep doing the same thing then you will get the same result. Don’t expect others to change, that is known as being selfish.

  8. Keep seeing the bigger picture and what you have attained in life. What you don’t have you don’t need and material items don’t bring happiness.

  9. Use your inner wisdom. Wisdom says that the future holds abundance, so there is nothing to fear and you can visualise abundance in your mind.

  10. Invest your time wisely. If you are efficient you can get more done and time becomes your friend rather than your enemy.

  11. Let go of your desires. Desires create greed in the self and make you feel unhappy because you focus on what you don’t have.

  12. Take things in a positive way and see everyone as your friend. Remember that those who insult you are your true friends because they are helping you to improve.

  13. Remember that proving you are right does not mean you have “won”. It may even spoil the friendship. The truth never has to be proved but will reveal itself.

  14. Be resilient. Remember that if things are not going smoothly then that situation is there to make you strong and help you reach a higher spiritual stage.

  15. Keep giving respect to the self and also to others. If you don’t give then you don’t get. Also, you may not get the immediate fruit but one day you are guaranteed the return.

  16. Be honest and open with others. Don’t deceive anyone and you will get the reward of trust from others and they will see you in a positive light and respect you.

  17. Share what you have with others, for the benefit of all and that resource will multiply.

  18. If someone is angry then just walk away. If you get involved that will make the situation worse. Talk to them later when they are calm.

You will also gradually learn that it is best not to get involved in other peoples issues. The cleanest and safest way to help others is by sending them good vibrations. The world really needs that right now.

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