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Today's Murli essence May 17 2019

Essence from today's gyan murli of Shiv baba, on behalf of Prajapita Brahma Kumaris Godly University. Date: 17 May 2019.

Sweet children, remembrance begets remembrance. The Father also experiences the pull of the children who remember Him with love.


What are the signs of your stage becoming mature? What is the effort to reach that stage?


When you children reach your mature stage, all your physical organs will become calm. You won't perform any wrong deeds through your physical organs. Your stage will become unshakeable and immovable. By having an unshakeable stage at this present time, your physical organs will be controlled for 21 births. In order to reach this stage, check yourself. By noting it down you will be cautious. Only with the power of yoga can you control your physical organs. Yoga alone will make your stage mature.


1. Become a conqueror of your physical organs with the power of yoga and become completely pure. In order to attain that stage, continue to check yourself.

2. Always keep it in your intellect that you were Brahmins who became deities. You have now come here to become deities again. This is why you have to understand about sin and charity and be very cautious if you have an exchange with others.


May you be a contented soul and remain constantly full by keeping all your attainments emerge in your awareness.

Keep all the attainments you have received from BapDada at the confluence age emerged in your awareness, and the happiness of the attainments will prevent you from coming down into any upheaval. You will remain constantly unshakeable. Fullness makes you unshakeable and frees you from upheaval. Those who are full of all attainments are constantly happy and content. Contentment is the biggest treasure of all. Those who have contentment have everything. They continue to sing the song: I have attained what I wanted to attain!


Sit in the swing of love and all hard work will automatically finish.

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