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Questions from a New comer Godly Student



Questions and given answers for a New comer soul who is connected to the Awakening series by BK Shivani. She described and appreciates the noble service. Plus asks some questions which we answered in detail. Must read the FULL post if you also are new in Gyan.


Original Emailed Question by Julie from US

I'm very new to Brahma Kumaris. I found you on YouTube (Happiness Within episodes of Awakening series by BK Shivani ). It's difficult to put in words how much these videos have benefitted me in my life. Much gratitude to all of you for creating them and educating us. Sister Shivani said to experiment with your teachings for three months to see if there's any impact. I began watching as many videos as I could. I became more aware of my thoughts and felt immensely better. Then my daughter began changing her speaking to be more gentle. I hadn't said a word to her about what I was studying and the vibrations have already impacted our household. These changes happened in one week.


Finally to my questions.

1) Why did God send our souls to play a role in various costumes when we actually want to go back to our home with God?

2) Do souls ever get to go back home to God? If I understand correctly, the cycle from Golden Age through Iron Age keeps continuing again and again.

3) What is our purpose by inhabiting different costumes for eternity while not remembering God or our past Karmic accounts between costume changes?

4) If a soul leaves a body and immediately put into a womb, why does the population keep increasing?


Bless you all for the work you are doing. Many thanks to the people who made the app available. Om shanti.

BTW - your teachings have reached me in Redmond, Oregon US.


Our Email Response + Guidance

To: Sister Julie

From: BK Shivani, Prajapita BrahmaKumari Ishwariya Vishwa Vidhyalay (Godly Spiritual University)- Mount Abu


Flowers from God and your divine family. Hope you read our previous email. Here is the response for 5 questions you asked.


1. To understand this, you have to understand the very basic/fundamental nature. So here it is in simple form - We touch something with our hands to judge if it is hot or cold. You found it hot. The reason is - because the temperature of that object for ''relatively'' hotter than of your hands. In the same situation, if you touch an object which has a temperature around 15 C, you shall find it cold. Because hand's temperature is normally around 38C. This is the universal law of Relativity, upon which the entire life and cycle are created.


Now take this same principle to understand the answer to your question. When we are there (our home of sweet silence, with God), we are in a form (a point of divine light). Yet we CANNOT experience this. As similar as that we cannot experience cold if never we had experienced the hot. We are full with all virtues, we are all complete with God, but can we experience? No.


World is the stage where we can EXPERIENCE what we already ARE. Everyone's part is fixed. There is NO 'accident' in this drama. There is a reason why something happens and something doesn't happen. Also, God does not decide or control this all. World runs on 2 forces (different to each other). One of them being God alone. Second force is human beings. We can 'create reality' with a collective consciousness. Events happen in areas of world depends upon ''collective consciousness'' of those souls who live there physically or mentally.


Essence: We come in world drama to play our part and to know the SELF, to EXPERIENCE ourself. This is the only way. In this process, we are in happiness for 75% of our time spent in world (playing in drama). In the rest 25% also, there is a slow increase in sorrow. In sorrow also, there is an opportunity to grow our wisdom. We become more wise, a greater being when we live around difficulties. God has given gifts, nothing else. So there is nothing which is bad.

Hence to know it better, please read page - World Drama cycle:


2. At the end of Iron age, God (our supreme father) has to come to re-establish the Golden age. This is a great transformation time. Souls are purified. Entire nature (the 5 elements) will be purified. This is task of God, for which he makes us children an instrument.


God comes to liberate all the souls. LIberation simply means 'peace'. To take us back to the home of peace (Shantidham / Paramdham or Supreme abode).


3. This is greatness of drama. Every birth brings a new opportunity to become better, to solve our mistakes of past. If you remember your past as good as your present birth, what is the sole purpose of time? Then everyone will natural consdider the self as a soul and not body. No sorrow can then prevail as there will be no vices. Drama can only be made where both happiness and sorrow can be expereiced. They both are INTER-DEPENDANT.

(While we now know that after the Copper age, we start falling (in virtues and powers both).


4. Simple question it is which you already know - Souls come from the home (supreme abode) where we all lived as a tree like structure where God the supreme soul is the ''seed'' of that tree. Numberwise souls come down to play their parts starting from the root.

Souls who comes here, stays here. Plus more souls come from home.


Hope you have received the explanations. The source of this knowledge is God's murli. Please visit to know what is this gyan murli that we study everyday. What is Murli in Brahma Kumari?


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