Ishita Gupta
Apr 19

Wrong happens to Good people? Earning Money in Dishonest way?


This is our response to an email to break some wrong notions that people keep in their mind throughout their lives.. Answer is  based on what God has told. Read on to know more.

Original Email Received Why does wrong happen to good people? And if we are earning in a honest way we will not be able to make money 

Our Email Response + Guidance

To: Everyone reading this  From: Prajapita BrahmaKumaris Ishwariya VishwaVidhalya (Godly Spiritual University)

Dear Divine Brother, you asked two questions we shall take both one by one.

1.  Everything that happens to any person in his life is the consequences of his own karma. Good or Bad whatever you received is the result of what you gave. So we must be very careful of our karma. Not just in actions but in words and thoughts also.. God has Himself revealed that " the repercussions of karma are very subtle" (कर्मो की गति बहुत गुह्य है)

What we see is the one part of the story, not the whole story. But God is only one who knows all your births. So he knows what is the outcome of which karma. So it would be wrong to say that wrong happen to good people or right happens to bad people. Everyone's journey and role is different. Chances are who is playing a saint today may be a villain yesterday.  Only rule is "What you sow so shall you reap".

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2.  It is a very wrong notion nowadays that if we don't cheat we will not earn. In fact most of the problems today is due to this wrong earning practices.Again Karma plays a major role. No Religious text, no book, no great person, no successful business man, no education  teaches to earn in unrighteous ways. Why? Because it is a widely know and most obvious principle HONESTY IS THE BEST POLICY. It is due to degradation in values and virtues, people has sort to dishonest means. Always remember money (धन)  brings food (अन्न) and whatever we eat effect our mind (मन). All the problems first start with mind then creeps in to rest of the body or takes form of situations and circumstances in life.. 

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  • julene.williams0513
    2 days ago

    I've read and heard references to International Yoga on the 3rd Sunday of the month from 6:30-7:30pm. Is this still practiced? If so, which timezone do we follow?
  • Ishita Gupta
    Jun 24

    This is our advise on how to solve problems related to overthinking and finance. Read on Original Email Received from you my question is I overthink a lot because we are suffering financially I am 18 years old. When I think to start a business, then a thought comes that in business if you don't do dishonesty you can't be a rich businessman. I want to buy a new house , I want to be rich, I want to come in the shiv Baba's list to get the top position in satyug. My 4 members family have done 7 day course..but my parents don't listen . I don't have friends I think due to my past karmas. Sometimes I feel that I have took birth on this planet to do a very big job. But I don't know the job.... I m suffering mentally ill PLEASE HELP ME !!! PLEASE! Our Email Response + Guidance To: Everyone reading this From: Prajapita BrahmaKumari Ishwariya VishwaVidhyalya Dear Divine Brother, See, you are aware that it is OVERTHINKING. So you can take the step to overcome and end this weakness. Put a Full Stop. Obviously thinking more than needed is not serving us, hence one should take control of its mind. Our mind is our own creation, our child. Such as you explain what is right and what is wrong to your child, in same way - explain everything to mind. Know that mind is a great and quick learner. Always Remember, these kind of thoughts are the gates for maya to enter. By reading your email, it seems you're new in Gyan. So here is our advice for you. 1. First of all be free from all these kind confusions (झमेलामुक्त). Always have faith in Baba (निश्चयबुद्धि). Drama is accurate. Surrender yourself to baba (in yog-Amritvela and numasham). When you completely surrender- yourself, your body, all your lokik responsibilities and relations, everything to baba, you will automatically feel light and free from confusions. And Magical result will be that everything will solve automatically. To solve financial problem do 21 days yog bhatti. see here-> 21 days bhatti. Also see-> Earn money with blessings - (bk shivani) 2. There is no harm to own a house or car etc. With aloukik gyan and sewa, we have to fulfil our loukik duties also. But always remember, your goal should always be towards serving for world transformation. Always keep baba first. And remember one slogan "इच्छा मात्रम अविद्या – Ignorance of Desire" because desires never end. Keep in mind baba has promised- मैं अंत तक तुम्हे दाल रोटी खिलाऊंगा. Be Content with what you have right now. You are the luckiest soul. In satyug, you will have everything that you cannot even think of now. Prepare for that. Everything you see now with these eyes will END soon.  Do listen this Audio Sandesh on  '' Balance in Purusharth & family responsibilities '': 3. You said your parents did 7 days course but don't listen to Gyan. In this case, you should be firm in your Dharnas. Starting from Regular Murli class, Regular Amritvela and numasham yog, purity of food, and Purity of mind. You will start to see changes within you and everyone who comes in contact with you. Baba will be proud of you. And this way you will come in baba's list to be number one. Refer : The Yogi's Diet 4. You have Supreme Friend with you (Shivbaba, God Himself). Your past karmas have rewarded you with such a wonderful gift. As far as loukik friends are considered, baba always say be away from bad company. Choose your company wisely. Wherever you go spread the vibrations of peace and purity. This will earn you real friends and an opportunity for sewa.  5. Yes you think right. You are born to do to a big Job. And God has already Chosen you for that job. Your job is to be right hand and a helping hand of Baba. Your job is to serve on baba's direction. Your job is to transform this world. But now you need to have faith. See brother, time is very less. Don't entangle yourself with Low quality of thoughts. God has chosen you from a vast population on this planet. Listen the audio on this page -  Scenes at the time of destruction: This birth of yours is very valuable, so why waste it? Out of so many births taken, can't we give just one life to Baba?  Complete your studies. Baba will use your talents in the most efficient way.  As you said, to earn food you need to work. Baba never says Don't work or don't earn. But he says to do every work in his Remembrance. Always be Combined with him and surrender to him mentally.. when You are in Remembrance of baba, anything can never go wrong.  ADVISE : Read Books. Here is the place to access PDF books (free): Need anything? Search on BK Google -> or  contact us On Godly World Service 00
  • eternal stealth
    Jun 8

    Hi where do I get in detailed explanation on 1.knowing self 2.history and geography more Q&A please guide so that I could share with people who had finished 7 days course

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