पुरुषार्थ ~ शिव बाबा की अंतिम शिक्षाएँ (Final teachings for final Purusharth)

Aaj ka Purusharth Book

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आज का विशेष पुरुषार्थ- जो रोज की शिव बाबा की श्रीमत हमे peace of mind चैनल द्वारा मिलती रही, उसीकी यह PDF version में किताब है। इसे print करके रोज एक पुरुषार्थ पढ़े और follow करे।

यह है- "शिव बाबा की अंतिम शिक्षाएँ" जिसे अपनाने वाली आत्माए अपना संगम युगी महान जीवन सफल करेंगी।

✤ English ✤
This PDF book is a collection of "Aaj Ka Purusharth" daily telecasted via "Peace of Mind TV" channel, with daily inspirations and most valuable guidance given by the incorporeal supreme soul (Shiv Baba)

This book is a 'treasure' for godly students. If you follow the given purusharth, your precious birth of Sangam age will be fully used to create a great fortune for yourSelf, and for every soul in your contact.

This book is provided to you for free from the "Prajapita Brahma Kumaris Godly Spiritual University", Madhuban. This is PDF version, which you can download and print. To buy its hard copy, search on amazon, or our book store: https://bksustenance.com/bookshop (Get links)

Book Author:

Shiv Baba. Publisher: Peace of Mind TV, Brahma Kumaris

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Purusharth, Murli, sustenance

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