7 days RajYoga course Book

7 days RajYoga course book

Book Description

This is a complete eBook guiding you to the introduction and 'essence' of the entire Godly spiritual knowledge. This is the official course book for BK teachers to guide new souls.
(You may download and print this eBook and keep it to revise the knowledge, or explain it to new comers.

✿ 7 Days RajYog course includes :
~consciousness and self-realisation
~connection and relationship with God
~three worlds
~the cycle of time
~the Law of karma
~Our seven original Virtues
~Inner Powers of soul
~Rajyoga meditation (RajYog)
~Our Four subjects
~Practice Raja Yog meditation
~a spiritual lifestyle.
~Purusharth of Yaad (remembrance) and Service

Visit our 'online course': https://www.bkgsu.com/rajyoga-course (Take course online, with help of literature, audio and video)

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Om Shanti.

Book Author:

BK Jagdish bhai, BrahmaKumaris

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