Early History - Year Wise (1936-1969)

Essence: Visions received by Dada Lekraj in 1936, formation of Om Mandli on God's elevated directions, Dada gave all his wealth to a group of 5 women, sacrifice of material facilities, went to Karchi (Pakistan), deep Tapasya continued for 14 years, came to Mount Abu in 1950, services across India begins, beggary part began due to lack of money in Yagya (till 1958), services growth took a flight, exhibitions started in cities, 7 days RajYog course was introduced by Baba in Murlis, Knowledge became clear, Mamma became Avyakt (complete) in 1965, organisation renamed as Prajapita Brahma Kumaris Godly Spiritual University for World Transformation, many centres were opened by 1968, Prajapita Brahma became Avyakt (angel) in 1969 - Avyakt BaapDada part continues & service started outside India..

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Brahma baba (Dada Lekhraj) received three powerful visions one by one: One of paradise (new world), one of destruction and one of Vishnu (deity). When Dada chants “Om” during times of contemplation, people attending the satsangs, frequently goes into trance and have visions of God as a light, of Shri Krishna, of Satyug (heaven), of Dada with an angelic body, as well as seeing other divine beings. At this early stage, Dada Lekraj is referred to as Baba, Om Baba or Dada, as the father of Om Mandli. Upon direction of God almighty during early mornings (Amritvela time), Dada lekhraj surrendered all his wealth to a group of 5 women appointed as the founders of Yagya. Cases ran in court of Sindh Hyderabad against Om mandli and Dada Lekhraj as children, women who went to Om Mandli either surrendered, or they urge to remain Pure for the life (upon God's direction). 5 vices are to be conquered and thus, people (men) of Sindh protested against them. Many women were locked inside their home or beaten by their husband. Seeing this, Om Mandli managed to relocate to Karachi, Pakistan. 

*Thought for Today*

'In this time, being Godly children, it is our duty to spread the vibrations of peace and healing powers. Practice.'

Prajapita Brahma Kumaris Ishwariya Vishwa Vidhyalaya

 (Godly Spiritual University)

Established by God, this is the World Spiritual University for Purification of Souls with the knowledge and RajaYoga taught by the Supreme Soul (God), giving his most beneficial advice. 

Established in 1936, by today has more than 8500 centres in about 140 countries. World transformation is taking place. Come and know .more




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