PDF - 7 days course in Hindi, English and Telugu

7 days Raja Yoga (rajyog meditation) course PDFs in Hindi, English, and Telugu. Individual days (from day 1 to day 7) and also available in a single PDF file to view, download or print. RajYoga course is the base and essence of entire Godly knowledge given by Shiv Baba in murlis (through Prajapita Brahma). Please SHARE this page/site to your connections. Do this service of spreading the Godly message.

Hindi course

Day 1: आत्मा की पहचान - में कौन (Who am I ?)

Day 2: परमात्मा का परिचय (Introduction of GOD)

Day 3: 3 लोक कौन से है (The Three worlds)

Day 4: विश्व नाटक और चक्र (World Drama Cycle)

Day 5: मनुष्य सृष्टि एक उल्टा वृक्ष और 84 जनम

Day 6: कलियुग का विनाश - मनुष्य जीवन का लक्ष्य

Day 7: राजयोग की विधि - Method of Raja Yog

परमात्मा के रचे गए ज्ञान यज्ञ का परिचय

७ दिवसीय कोर्स in one PDF

७ दिवसीय कोर्स Full book in PDF


English course

Day 1: Who am I ? - Self Realisation (Soul)

Day 2: GOD -a complete Introduction of Shiv baba

Day 3: Three Worlds (corporeal, subtle, incorporeal)

Day 4: World Drama and Cycle of 4 Ages

Day 5: The eternal Law of Karma

Day 6: Raja Yoga (RajYog) meditation

Day 7: 8 Powers of Soul

7 original virtues of the Soul

4 Subjects of the Godly University

FULL course Book - Jagdish bhai

Course PPT -7 days course in One

Telugu & Tamil course

7 days Full course in Telugu pdf to print